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For many of us, our driving licence is a precious commodity that we rely on to go about our daily lives.

Imagine you face the possibility of a driving disqualification. Would you lose your job? How would your family cope? Only you know how important your driving licence is to you.

Unfortunately, many people will simply admit to an alleged offence without first taking specialist legal advice. This could mean pleading guilty at court without discussing the case against you.

We offer a free initial consultation with a specialist motoring lawyer – take advantage of it! Our Head of Department, Ronan Molloy, will be happy to discuss the options available to you

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    At Forster Dean, we are happy to speak at any time, even over the weekend

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    From car insurance to the prospect of losing your job, it is sensible to take the time and obtain advice, especially as our initial advice is free of charge!

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“Those accused of a motoring offence may have little experience with the Police and Courts. The criminal process can be daunting and stressful. It is my aim to guide you through this difficult time and offer you practical advice designed to ensure the best outcome for you." Ronan Molloy, Head of Motoring Law

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Some Issues to consider

  • - Do the prosecution have the required evidence to show you in fact drove the vehicle?
  • - Did you only drive because you were genuinely in fear for your safety?

With some minor exceptions, a conviction for drug driving will result in a minimum 12 month disqualification. The length of the ban will increase in cases where the reading is high. In addition to this, you will also face a fine, community order or a prison sentence. Please get in touch to discuss your case.

I cannot express how happy we are with the results of the excellent service we received. I am able to keep my job and go back to work as normal. Thanks to our solicitor Ronan, I can move forward with my life. A massive thank you to Forster Dean, great job!

I cannot emphasise how happy we have been with the quality of service and great result of the hearing. Thanks to our solicitor, I was able to keep my job and return to work. I can now put this behind me and move forward – Thank you

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